My Story:

Isabelle (Izzy)

From Wellington

Isabelle (Izzy) Amber Ng was born on April 27, 2012 at Wellington Regional Hospital. 

A beautiful but tiny baby, Izzy spent her first few days in NICU, and was eventually diagnosed with Biliary Atresia - a rare liver disorder that affects newborns and young babies. 

The only effective treatment for Izzy is a liver transplant. In August 2012, Izzy was admitted to Auckland Starship Children's Hospital to be assessed for a liver transplant, and was listed on the New Zealand liver transplant waitlist. Izzy has remained in Auckland with her parents ever since, having to be admitted to hospital many times due to poor health and risks of infections and complications. 

From being Diagnosed Izzy had to undergo many painful and uncomfortable procedures on an a daily basis. Despite all the pain and suffering, Izzy keept fighting for her life, and she surprised her doctors and nurses with her fighting spirit, despite getting sicker by the day. She also had a beautiful smile. 
Her family were by her side day and night nursing their little angel for over 6 months as they await for a donor organ.

May 21st 2013

Sadly beautiful Izzy passed away today. She had finally received her long awaited liver transplant but her body was too weak and damaged for this to be successful; she fought bravely until the end. Our dragon girl Izzy is now flying with wings outstretched with the angels in Heaven watching over her courageous parents.

Biliary Atresia has taken another precious life. The need for liver donors has never been greater to give Biliary Atresia children like Izzy a fighting chance they need to receive a transplant as soon as possible after diagnosis - Izzy's family urge drivers to tick the box on their driving licence and let their family know their desire to help others.

Izzy's family have left her Facebook page set up at so you can read more about this courageous little girl who has touched the hearts of so many.