In Touch - Winter 2024

Tue June 4th 2024

What an amazing year so far, the southern lights have been truly outstanding across most of New Zealand …such a magical experience for us to witness. Well worth venturing out on a crisp evening, to capture these colourful displays against our clear night skies.  They are expected to repeat over the winter months so be sure to keep a look out for more light shows, and of course Matariki coming up, have your camera ready.

Last quarter we celebrated Immunology Awareness month, our thanks to everyone who stepped out to join us at the zoo, and for our other patient events and youth workshops. It is always a pleasure to see you, and a wonderful opportunity for you to meet up with other families facing similar challenges. We have more events coming up soon across the country which we hope will bring some cheer as the temperatures drop. We also encourage you to register early for the PID patient conference we are hosting in November, especially if you are applying for travel assistance.

This edition of In Touch brings a selection of medical information and patient stories which we hope you find helpful. We are so grateful for our families that elect to share their stories, it is so helpful to others. We are also planning a new collection of patient stories, a new book to be published later in the year, more about that in our next edition.

 June is Beware Yellow month, we will be campaigning to increase awareness of the warning signs of childhood liver disease Help us, by approaching your local school or workplace to host a ‘Yellow day’. Reach out for free resources if you are interested, we can equip you to make this happen.

Keep warm everyone!