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Life in the Hospital Lane Pt.1


Mon Feb. 6th 2023

Ground Work for Keeping Active Pt,3

"Physically active children are more likely to be motivated, focused and successful in school"

Mon Jan. 30th 2023

Ground Work for Keeping Active Pt.2

"Physical activity also encourages children to chat freely, and its a wonderful opportunity to talk about their day, and what's going on in there world"

Mon Jan. 23rd 2023

Ground Work for Keeping Active Pt.1

"Keeping fit and healthy doesn't need to be expensive...many ideas are completely free and achievable no matter your fitness or financial restrictions"

Mon Jan. 16th 2023

Ground Work for Eating Well Pt.2

" Family meals encourage conversation, develop confidence, promote attachment, and even reinforce good manners"

Mon Jan. 9th 2023

Ground Work for Eating Well PT.1

"The food we eat is more than just nutrition! Take time to enjoy the taste, the smell, and refuse to rush it down like its going to run away from you"

Mon Jan. 2nd 2023

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron: light at the end of the long Pandemic Tunnel or another false dawn for Immunodeficient Patients?

Rohan Ameratunga - BHB, MBChB, PhD, FRACP, FRCPA, FRCP, FRCPATH, FRCPCH, FFSc, ABMLI abc Euphemia Leung - PhDde - See-Tarn Woon, PhD, FFScbc Lydia Chan - MBChBa, Richard Steele - MBChB, FRACP, FRCPAbf Klaus Lehnert - PhDdg and Hilary Longhurst - MBChB, MA, PhD, FRCP, FRCPATHah
Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand

Wed Dec. 28th 2022

Increased Awareness of Secondary B Cell Deficiency.

Collaborative work between NZ, Canadian and USA
specialists has resulted in an interesting, newly published
paper reviewing acquired B-Cell deficiency secondary to
B-Cell depleting therapies.

Wed Dec. 28th 2022

Selective IgA deficiency may be an underrecognized risk factor for severe COVID-19

Euphemia Leung, PhDd,e, See-Tarn Woon, PhD, FFScb,c, Edward Lea, MBChBa, Caroline Allan, MBChBa, Lydia Chan, MBChBa, Richard Steele, MBChB, FRACP, FRCPAa,f, Klaus Lehnert, PhDf,g, and
Hilary Longhurst, MBChB, MA, PhD, FRCP, FRCPATHa,h Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.

Wed Dec. 28th 2022

Annual Appeal Business Champions 2022

Roll of Honor
Business Champions supporting our 2022 Annual Appeal
Thank you to all of the amazing businesses who supported our 2022 Annual Appeal. Despite another difficult Covid-19 year, our faithful business supporters were able to continue their sponsorship of IDFNZ. Your generosity is inspiring - enabling us to continue our work with PID and Transplant families.

Wed Dec. 21st 2022