Updates on IDFNZ events, projects, and media announcements.

Groundwork for a New Season - Part 1

Starting out with intentionality and purpose - with realism woven through - is a great way to plan.

Mon April 15th 2024

Groundwork for a New Season - Part 2

Goal setting is a powerful way to articulate your aspirations and give them a roadmap for the future.

Mon April 15th 2024

Groundwork for a New Season - Part 3

Recognising progress, no matter how small, boosts morale and reinforces your commitment to the journey.

Mon April 15th 2024

World PI Week 2024

Each year in April, we pause to consider the 6 million people worldwide that are living with a primary immunodeficiency disorder. Thats more than the whole of the population of New Zealand!

Thu April 11th 2024

Shingrix News

Wonderful news for our Immune Compromised patient community.
Pharmac will now be funding Shingrix for all primary immunodeficiency patients 18 years and older, from July 2024.

Wed April 3rd 2024

The What and Where of Hospital - Part 3

Tue April 2nd 2024

Thank you Team Hasbro!

Thank you to Team Hasbro for renovating the IDFNZ Red Beach holiday home!

Tue April 2nd 2024

Rare Disease Day 2024

Rare Disease Day is a day of global solidarity, marked each year around the world on the last day of February (the rarest day of the year) to raise awareness and to advocate for equity for rare disorders

Mon April 1st 2024

Recent Patient Events

Thank you to members who helped us to celebrate Rare Disease Day, to start off the new calendar year.

Mon April 1st 2024

Immunology News

Turning Needle procedures into a positive experience

Mon April 1st 2024