Tonga Language Week 2022 - Beware Yellow

Sat Sept. 3rd 2022

Celebrating Tonga Language Week 2022.

Sharing the WARNING SIGNS for Childhood liver disease.

Each month a New Zealand baby is born with severe liver disease.
Beware Yellow is a campaign reaching out to the community to make parents aware of the early warning signs.

You can view these here Beware Yellow Poster - Tongan

Help us spread awareness of this important message Throughout the Tongan community. IDFNZ is a registered charity supporting New Zealanders.

Meet Dominic a brave Liver transplant Patient

Born in Tonga, Dominic was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and rushed to New Zealand for life saving treatment. He is one of our bravest patient members, has undergone liver transplant surgery and is now living a full life. Read about his amazing story here Dominic