About Liver Transplant

Your specialist medical team will discuss with you when liver transplant is being considered as a treatment option for your child, explaining clinical details the procedure and what to expect A range of  additional patient information has been developed to answer questions . 

There is also a collection of  sample patient stories on our website which may help to look through; KIDS Foundation has a network of patient members that have been through Liver transplant, if you feel it might be helpful to connect with another family please get in touch with us and we will help arrange this for you with a suitable family.(We also host a number of patient events at various times through the year that in time you may want to participate in these to widen your contact).

Hospital Liver transplant involves an extended hospital admission at Starship National  Children's Hospital . If you are from outside of Auckland you can learn about what to expect on admission to Starship here, as well as local facilities nearby. The Foundation can assist with weekly visits and assistance towards hospital parking  and caregiver meal expenses. Make contact with our support staff to let us know when you expect to be admitted for scheduled  treatment or clinics.It is our aim to offer one -on- one practical support as needed by each family.

During the Liver transplant  recovery period families often have friends and close relatives visit from outside of Auckland . Accommodation options close to the hospital include . The Foundation has a furnished home in Red Beach which may also be booked  for this purpose, contact support staff for details.

Once the patient is recovering from surgery and discharged from the ward , there is usually a period where the family are asked to stay close by the hospital if from outside of Auckland. Our Red Beach and Mangawhai Heads Respite homes are often used by families at this point , allowing some freedom as the patient  recuperates and family unit can enjoy private time together away from the hospital. Talk to support staff if you are interested in accessing these facilities.

Any other questions or problems please do not hesitate to contact our support staff .

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