Ways your business can help

Our corporate sponsors are very special organisations who have chosen to take that extra step and become truly involved in what we do every day to help us achieve our goals. These are people who want more than to make a donation - they want to hear our stories and share them with their people, they want to actively support us on an ongoing basis so we can continue to support our children, patients and their families. Best of all, there are lots of different ways you can help!

Support All4Good

All4Good has been especially designed to suit all workplaces! You can use it as an office fun day or as a simple fundraiser to encourage your colleagues (and bosses!) to give back to others in need. We've developed some simple steps to help you plan your All4Good involvement. Find out more

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is an opportunity to let your staff feel even better every time they get paid, by adding a small donation from each pay direct to our Foundation, so we can support even more children. Contact us to find out more.

Make a Donation

Every dollar donated to IDFNZ Kids Foundation is put to good use, supporting our families with the small everyday financial challenges like hospital parking, meals and medications through to the larger costs of relocating families and travelling overseas for life saving treatments. When you donate to our Foundation, you become part of the family. Donate now.


We are a small Foundation with big hearts and with hundreds of children, patients and families to support. From time to time, when we hold events for our families or other fundraisers, we require manpower to help us achieve our goals. If you'd like to try something new and rewarding and be part of our Foundation family, email us and we'd love to have you along to help at our next event! Email us at info@idfnz.org.nz.

Friends of IDFNZ

These are a network of supporters, many of whom have sponsored the Foundation since it was started in 1989. Their loyal support is greatly appreciated and we ensure they are kept up to date with all our activities. By becoming a wishlist giver, you have chosen to help us by contributing specifically to an item on our wishlist. Some of these are big ticket items, but every cent helps and there are always plenty of non-monetary ways to support us. Read about our wishlist projects here, and if you think you can help, then email us at info@idfnz.org.nz.