My Story:


From Christchurch

Tristan was born in Christchurch in August 2007 with a rare genetic Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder ( Di George Syndrome); Tristan effectively had no natural immunity against infections.At 7 weeks of age was still living in isolation at Christchurch Hospital - unable to venture out for fear of infection.

Doctors recommended a rare Thymus transplant which could only take place in the United States. The KIDS Foundation supported Tristan and his family through this journey, offering hands on support and help in fundraising.Both parents wanted to accompany Tristan to the USA and the Foundation was able to help make this happen.

Tristan underwent his transplant in October 2007 and returned to New Zealand early in 2008. The operation was successful and his parents were thrilled to be able to take him home for the first time.

Update 2013

Tristan is now 5 years old. Starting school has been a real celebration for Tristan and his family.