My Story:


From Auckland

Liam's story, as remembered by his mum Sharon Morgan.

In July 2005 my son Liam (age 3 and a half at the time) got a mystery viral infection. Within weeks the infection attacked and killed Liam's liver and he was diagnosed with acute liver failure.

Although Liam was placed to the top of the list for a deceased donor liver in New Zealand and Australia, no suitable donor could be been found. After 12 days of waiting and my son was in a coma and close to death.

Thanks to a family friend (our hero!) who was compatible to Liam and passed all the tests, the Liver Transplant went ahead the very next morning, Liam needed 30% of our donor's Liver.

Within days my son was off life support and on the way to a full recovery (22.08.05). He has had no complications at all.

I thank God everyday and of course our living donor for giving us back Liam's life.