World PI Week 2024

Thu April 11th 2024

Each year in April, we pause to consider the 6 million people worldwide that are living with a primary immunodeficiency disorder. Thats more than the whole of the population of New Zealand!

There are over 400 forms of primary immunodeficiency ranging widely in severity and falling into nine main groups. Individually, each condition is rare, but collectively they comprise a sizeable portion of the rare disease group of disorders and form a very significant patient community spread across the globe.

Early diagnosis and access to treatment are important goals to be communicated. The early warning signs of PI are a key part of the IDFNZ awareness strategy. Unfortunately, there are many affected individuals who have health issues related to immune deficiency but have still to be formally diagnosed. Diagnosis is key to good health management and quality of life. IDFNZ continues to raise awareness of the warning signs with medical professionals and the general public. Every year we send out information to medical centres and community groups as part of our outreach. Members are encouraged to order free resources from our support office for their community noticeboards, schools, medical rooms and workplace, to help us to promote this message. With the Generous support from The One Foundation- We have translated key information to reach into a range of ethnic groups in New Zealand so that no-one is left out.

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IDFNZ Supporting Global Access to Immunotherapy Treatments

With respect to Immunoglobulin treatment, there are six key messages that PI week aims to communicate across the globe. Not every country has access to a public health service as good as New Zealand, or access to free (or even affordable) immunotherapy treatments. 

IDFNZ supports the World PI Week campaign as a means of raising this awareness and adding our voice to support PI patients in less fortunate circumstances.

We would also like to use this occasion to give a huge thank you and shout out to our amazing Kiwi blood and plasma donors, that play such an important role in making immunotherapy treatment available to Kiwi PI patients.