The What and Where of Hospital - Part 3

Tue April 2nd 2024

Leaving hospital

When you’ve had a lengthy hospital stay, there’s nothing better than the thought of going home. Sometimes you can be in a hurry to get home, but it’s important to check you have all the correct information, medication, follow-up appointments, and plans for ongoing care before you leave the hospital. You will need to obtain discharge papers, and any prescriptions for medication if required. Just as it was arriving at the hospital, make arrangements and plan for parking, transport, and keeping your child comfortable while they travel.

By actively engaging with the particular hospital in which you or your child will be receiving care, you can make the best of a challenging situation. By staying organised and taking advantage of the support services available to you, the journey won’t be so daunting.  For further information about the hospital in your region please look up their website.

Some common sites that will be helpful are:

Starship Children’s Hospital:

Ronald McDonald House:

Kidz First Children’s Hospital:

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