In Touch - Autumn 2024

Tue March 26th 2024

2024 is a milestone year for IDFNZ
as it marks the organisation
reaching its 35th anniversary.

IDFNZ is a truly Kiwi organisation, it was formed in 1989 by volunteers from Kiwi families that had been hit hard by what were then rare and poorly understood medical conditions.

The “Kiwi-way”, has always been to “come to terms with difficulties” and then instinctively, to reach out and support others who might also be affected. And so, with no great fanfare or government funding, IDFNZ was born. The approach was working face to face with individual families, helping them to get a medical diagnosis and working alongside them through treatments and beyond. IDFNZ has never charged a membership fee and aims to work with the whole family, patient/parents & siblings – as all are hit hard by the impact of these lifechanging medical conditions. 35 years later and we are doing the same work, with the same personal contact and the same passion for helping others. We hope you will agree that IDFNZ is adding real value to the lives of members. We are proud to represent patients with rare medical conditions across the whole of New Zealand. In this edition of In Touch we celebrate World Day of Immunology, 29th April, and bring news of new IDFNZ printed brochures and posters being launched as part of this event. We have a busy social programme planned for the year, and news of a PI education day planned for November.