Recent Patient Events - Summer 2024

Mon April 1st 2024

Thank you to members who helped us to celebrate Rare Disease Day, to start off the new calendar year.

Auckland- A shout out to the IDFNZ members who were brave enough to venture out on a rather cold and rainy day, were able to warm up in the Parakai hotpools and enjoy a BBQ lunch together. Huge thanks to Amy and Ciaran for organising the day and cooking the BBQ.

Christchurch – A beautiful sunny day welcomed our members for a relaxing family picnic. Danielle organised a scavenger hunt for the younger attendees, and everyone had a great time.

Hamilton – IDFNZ members visited the new NZBS facility in Hamilton to celebrate Rare Disease Day. Members enjoyed a tour of the building and the opportunity to meet some of the blood donors and hear about their experience in giving blood and plasma. In turn our members were able to give a personal thanks to these hero’s and to share a little of the patient experience and the huge difference that donated plasma (Immunoglobulin treatment) makes to the IDFNZ rare community. It was a very successful event, a great experience for all involved. Thanks to Rachel and Amy for organising the day.

Wellington - Wellington members enjoyed a get together and a movie, watching the Great Escape together to celebrate rare disease day. Thank you to Phillipa for organising a lovely evening for everyone

IDFNZ member Max and his friends at ‘Ara Preschool’ celebrating Rare Disease Day.