Positive Parenting in Uncertain Times. Part 11; Don't get complacent

Fri May 29th 2020

Don’t get complacent

As a country New Zealand is doing a great job regarding keeping the numbers down in relation to COVID 19, we have moved from Alert level 4 down to level 2 in a relatively short space in time and now we can start to see a glimmer of possibly moving to level 1 in the near future.

It almost feels like a dream, Lockdown feels like it was an age away as people get back to work, school and socializing. For others though it’s still very real, as they deal with loss of job, income, independence, mental health struggles and sickness or death of loved ones.

It’s easy to forget that family members and friends are still in lockdown overseas or have strict conditions for leaving their bubbles as your life starts to get back to a new normal.

It’s also easy to forget that people you know with fragile medical conditions may still be in isolation or have chosen to stay in their bubble to protect them selves or to protect loved ones. Decisions relating to sending their children back to school may be based on immunity, surgery, procedures and recovery?

Look out for each other.

Keep in touch with those that have chosen for their children’s health to remain in their bubble until level 1, maintain good hygiene, keep on top of contact tracing, maintain social distancing.

It’s easy to get complacent and ‘slip’ into old habits.

Remember to keep talking, being honest with your child, give your child time.  

‘Time’ was the best gift Lockdown gave everyone, especially children. To have their parents, caregivers, family members all together under one roof at the same time was precious. 

Don’t get complacent with ‘Time’. Value your children, continue to listen to them, hear them when they want to be heard.

Adapt new traditions –

Make a Roast for dinner on Sundays, sit down as a family, talk about the week. Stop the clock!

Continue with the weekly family bike ride, walk, run, hike…

Create movie nights, game nights, show nights

Camp out in the living room

Make a point of saying “hi” to someone walking past your house or whilst you are out walking

Create a monthly ‘Coffee’ group with neighbours

Carry on with the weekly/monthly Zoom or Facetime chats with family members living nationally or overseas