Medical Devices

Mon Jan. 25th 2021

Medical Devices Update

IDFNZ supports patient members with a range of free medical devices and equipment. The following items can be requested through the support office:

·  Epipens (note; you need to scan and email us a current prescription).

·  Buzzy pain relief devices (for injection sites).

·  SCIG pumps.

·  Courier delivery of SCIG home treatment supplies from local hospitals.

·  SCIG medical fridges for IG storage at home.

·  SCIG cooler bags.

·  Contactless thermometers.

·  Covid – 19 home care-packs.

·  Medical diaries.

·  St Johns membership.

·  Medical ID bracelets.

·  Other unique medical equipment requests will also be considered.

·  Plus a range of patient information resources (refer for order forms).

·  Patients requiring additional information on a medical condition or treatment can also request a specific information search and we will put together a special pack for you.

Enquiries should be emailed to: