Groundwork for a New Season - Part 3

Mon April 15th 2024

Recognising progress, no matter how small, boosts morale and reinforces your commitment to the journey.

With these ‘SMART’ goals in place, the next step is to identify and prioritise them. Prioritisation involves assessing how important each goal is when ranked alongside your other goals. Then you can allocate your time and effort accordingly. Thinking through the significance of each goal prevents a feeling of overwhelm and ensures that your efforts are focused on what truly matters.

Break Down Goals into Tasks: You have the goal or objective ahead – so think about how you can break it down into smaller, manageable tasks. It could be broken down by time, for example something you will do each day to achieve the three-month goal. Or it could be broken down by size. Completing 1 chapter of a course, followed by then next chapter over the course of the month. Having smaller tasks and seeing them ‘ticked off and achieved’ does wonders for motivation. It makes the overall objective less daunting and allows you to focus on one step at a time.

Create a Schedule: Allocate dedicated time to work on your goals. Whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, having a consistent schedule fosters a routine that reinforces your commitment to the objectives. When life gets busy, if the habit or routine is already reinforced in your daily schedule it becomes easier to stick with it.

Make use of technology: A quick search of ‘productivity’ apps and task management tools will reveal the range of tools available for use. Using productivity tools and apps to streamline your processes, if you’re that way inclined can help you stay organised and on track. If pen and paper is more your thing, by all means, start a fresh notebook with your favourite pen. Write the list, set out the goals, experience the sense of achievement as each task is ‘checked off’. There are great task management tools, and habit trackers out there – make use of what is on offer!

Be Accountable: While it can be scary to share your goals, having someone to hold you accountable can provide encouragement and motivation when it’s needed. Share your goals with a trusted friend, family member, or colleague. They may wish to share theirs with you as well - making you both less likely to veer off course. Sharing your goals with someone also reinforces their importance in your own mind, by speaking about them and sharing your motivations for achievement.

Celebrate milestones: That feeling of achievement, a sense of satisfaction is a reward in itself, but looking forward to little celebrations is also a great motivator. Acknowledge and celebrate your smaller achievements along the way. Recognising progress, no matter how small, boosts morale and reinforces your commitment to the journey.

Embarking on a new season with new goals, priorities, and processes in place is a proactive approach to life. It’s an especially satisfying determination for those who like to achieve what they set out to do. By setting meaningful goals, identifying priorities, and implementing effective processes, you can achieve success in this area with intentionality and purpose. The change in seasons is a great time to assess where you’ve come from and where you’re headed. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, and by laying out a realistic strategy, you'll be well equipped to overcome challenges and hurdles along the way. You’ll also enjoy the sweet taste of the fruits of your efforts. As the year unfolds, embrace the opportunity to create a roadmap for success, and may it be a rewarding year of growth, fulfillment, and accomplishment.

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