Ground Work for Keeping Active Pt,3

Mon Jan. 30th 2023

"Physically active children are more likely to be motivated, focused and successful in school"

Variety and Fun

When children enjoy an activity, they will want to do more of it. Choosing the right activities prevents boredom or frustration. Pick up on their cues, and give plenty of opportunity for them to be active in ways they enjoy. The best way for kids to stay physically fit is by incorporating activity into their daily routine. A walk to the park, mastering riding their bike, scavenger hunts or nature spotting, walking the family dog. Playing in the backyard, climbing trees, or shooting hoops at the local school. Working on a home improvement project together, planting a garden. Swimming at the local pool, setting up an obstacle course and timing how fast they can get through. Classic sidewalk games such as hopscotch or skipping with a rope. Skateboarding, yoga, kapa haka, playing touch rugby with friends and family. If you are struggling for ideas, do a quick internet search for inspiration or nearby clubs and sports teams to join. Keep in contact with other parents from their school and get ideas from what their peers are doing.

It may seem like an effort at first, but the benefits from a family walk around the block are huge. Physical activity also encourages children to chat freely, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to talk about their day, and what’s going on in their world.

Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. Many of these ideas are completely free, and achievable no matter your fitness or financial restrictions. There is the added bonus of getting in your own exercise for the day as well!

Role Model

If children aren’t getting enough movement, parents and other adult family members probably aren’t either. Engage in physical activity as a family, and support your child’s interests. If you model exercise early in life, they'll come to regard activity as a normal and fun part of your family's everyday routine.

Your children look up to you. If you're physically active, this will most likely rub off on them. They will see value in keeping fit and pursue exercise for themselves.