Shannon Family Covid bubble life

Mon May 11th 2020

The Shannon Family Bubble

Like a lot of New Zealanders, Megan Shannon and her family’s lives were completely changed by the COVID-19 lockdown. As with all our vulnerable immune suppressed 

patient members they had to be extra careful and make sure they kept safe.

In doing this there was a lot of stress which led to some low points during the lock down. They worried about ‘what if’; especially what if they brought COVID-19 in on their

 groceries or in from the outside world?

To combat this, they soon became experts at staying safe whenever they had to leave their bubble, and also disinfecting hands and even groceries when they returned from the shopping trips.

 Crystal Shannon also found being a mum, teacher, and studying for her teaching degree from her bubble also very stressful. But the hardest of all during lockdown was being cut off from 

family and friends, something which took its toll the most.

However, not everything was stress and worry in their Northland home. Through this time the Shannon family have  also found amazing ways to enjoy time in their bubble and make lasting 

memories together.Lots of baking and eating took place with Anzac biscuits a must. School work, family time, and movies together were also important.

The family were even able to lift spirits by celebrating two birthdays with Kala turning 13 and Megan turning 11.

One highlight was a homemade obstacle course in the back yard – thank you for sharing the video clip of Myles demonstrating this. It looks like fun – an idea that others might try for themselves, a great way to have fun and get exercise at the same time.

Another favourite highlight was enjoying yummy hot chocolate at the Dawn Service on Anzac morning, in front of the homemade Anzac poppies and ‘Lest we forget’ sign made with love. 

What a wonderful memory.

Crystal explained that her high point was simply  appreciating each and every memory made during family time, and the realization to cherish every moment and everything you have.

nk you Shannon family for sharing your memories and tips to get through this time !

A reminder for all members to enjoy the time you have together now, try and keep the slow-paced and family time a priority because all too soon we will be back to normality and the excitement and craziness that comes with it.