Covid -19 Bubbles Pala Family

Wed May 20th 2020

Bhavya ,aged 14  lives with sister Vani Ashi, aged 12 and parents Bhavisha and Mandeep.The family kindly shared with us how they have survived the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Pala Family Bubble

The Pala family have learned during their time in lockdown that despite the stress of lockdown and everything that came with it, they have been able to find joy in a time that was frightening and unfamiliar.

Finding things to enjoy as a family was one of the highlights of the lockdown. There were walks together, baking, cooking, watching movies, and even learning a special game which is played in Fiji called Carom Board. Bhavisha and Mandeep were treated to an extra special surprise when their children created a cinema at home for them to enjoy a movie night. There were tickets, special treats to eat, and lots of fun to be had. The family were also able to surprise Mandeep on his birthday with a collage of photos and a special cake and birthday breakfast made by the youngest Pala family member Ashi, something that will become a new tradition for the family, especially as Bhavisha’s birthday is just around the corner.

The bonding and family time were some of the high points and the Pala family acknowledge that the opportunity to slow down and spend that quality time together was a precious thing. They didn’t have to be on the go all the time and got to relax and relish the simple joy of just being together as a family.

Unfortunately, as we all experienced, the low points of lockdown were filled with anxiety. Not only was it tough to be separated from family and friends for such a long period of time, but special treats which were usually available to lift spirits were unavailable, such as takeaways. To add to that was the stress of not being able to have an online shopping order. This meant that Bhavisha had to brave the supermarket, something which as a parent of a medically fragile child is a huge risk and very worrying. But the family got through and thrived, learning to work together better than before and face obstacles as a strong team.

The Pala family now know that to flourish in a lockdown patience is key. Enjoying quality time as a family again was instrumental in their time in lockdown. Bhavisha and Mandeep’s oldest daughter Bhavya also suggests that looking online for ways to spend your time is a good plan as there are so many ideas out there to help with boredom or low spirits when everything is changing. Her advice is to also use the resources around you to help in times when you need that extra boost.

Great ideas! we loved your positive approach - and what an amazing Birthday celebration !

Bhavya is a Liver transplant patient living in Auckland.