Covid -19 Bubbles Keira Part 3

Mon May 18th 2020

We are now officially in Level 2 & majority of people are going back to school & work – plus shops are open.  I am going back to school on Monday the 18th & I’m not happy about it.  I have gotten used to staying home and don’t want to leave my bubble!

I know that when I get back to school that I will get used to it and it will become normal again – for now I’m good at home.  I think it might to take a little while for students to get used to going to school each day and for schools & teachers to get into a routine again.

I have mixed feelings about online school.  I enjoyed being at home and getting to choose which what I did & when I did it.  However, at times I think I lacked motivation & distracted by other things.  I also missed being able to talk to my teachers in class.

Prior to lock down I had already missed quite a lot of school because I had been sick and I felt like I had missed so much learning & was behind my classmates.  I felt like I just wouldn't catch up but then we went into lock down & everyone was in the same boat.  Now we are all going back to school it makes me feel better, almost getting a fresh start and hopefully it will be good. 

I had my first time out of the house this last weekend - since before lock down started & Level 2 was announced – (other than for medical reasons, which I am not counting).  We visited family for dinner; my Aunty, Uncle & Cousins – it was fab! I am also looking forward to my 15th birthday this coming Saturday & have already given Mum & Dad a list of things I need – it is awesome shops are open.  I really didn’t want to spend my birthday in lock down; I had already spent a birthday in semi-isolation after transplant

Stay safe, I hope you enjoy life in Level 2 & being back at school with friends.  Keira J