Covid -19 Bubbles Keira Part 2

Mon May 11th 2020

Keira’s Bubble ; Part 2.

Most of us have been stuck at home now for almost two months, but I must admit I have been out to a few places – don’t worry all essential & medical related!

The start of the year has been a bit up & down health wise for me, with a short hospital stay in February & then again just before Easter – when I went to Starship with fevers & abdominal pain.  Going to hospital was followed by going to the doctors for a flu injection & just this last week to an Oral Surgeon for a procedure on my jaw.  Going out during lockdown is different to say the least

First up, let's talk about going to Starship - entering ED it was empty and there was

perspex screens in front of the reception desk.  Parts of the triage process were different, I had to take my own temperature, put my own hospital bracelet on and the scales were on the other side of the desk – but in the perfect place for the nurse to see the numbers.  Once through triage when I needed to get a line in the doctors and nurses were fully decked out with gowns, gloves, masks & eye shields.  On the ward things were normal because they knew I didn’t have COVID-19.  I was in hospital for about three days; for me the worse part of being in hospital is being woken during the night for OB’s, not being able to sleep in my own bed & the food! Luckily for me my favourite Subway was open as an essential service as well as espresso coffee for my mum!

Shortly after I had returned home it was time for a flu injection.  We arrived & waited in the carpark for the nurse to come out to our car.  She came wearing a face mask & gloves, injected me quickly through the open car window, asked us to wait 10 mins before driving away, then went back inside

Prior to lockdown I had an appointment booked at the Oral Surgeon because my jaw had been sore since late January.  I was not happy I’d had my appointment cancelled - I couldn’t open my jaw very wide so I hadn’t been able to eat some of my favourite foods such as burgers!!

Friday before last we got a call from the Oral Surgeon’s nurse asking how I was doing, mum explained my jaw was not any better, maybe worse – they explained that in Level 3 they could see acute patients.  We were then asked if pain relief helped & mum explained that I had limited options due to being immune suppressed.  After realising this I was offered a time for a consultation the following Monday – which we gratefully accepted.  The nurse called back an hour later to say the Oral Surgeon would like to consult & do the procedure on the same day – it was happening pretty quickly & I was not very excited about the thought of IV sedation & needles in my jaw!  When we arrived the Oral Surgeon’s office was empty, my mum and I were the only ones there except the people who work there. 

The procedure went well & I can’t remember a thing! – it’s been a bit painful since & recovery could take up to 1 month, so I haven’t been able to eat a burger yet!  Whilst I’ve been recovering, I’ve watched a few more TV shows on Netflix as well as drawing in colouring books for adults – I love Millie Marotta’s series of books.  In case anyone was wondering, my jaw procedure was for treating something called TMJ.  TMJ is when the temporomandibular joint – the hinge which connects your jaw to your skull - doesn’t work like it’s supposed to

In April I was also supposed to have my first Young Persons liver clinic – combined clinic with the Starship team and adult gastro team.  It would have been a little strange to meet new doctors via video, so this clinic has been postponed until Level 2.  I’m hoping that I don’t have to have any more medical visits before we come out of lockdown.  I am really looking forward to more exciting reasons to leave home such as going to school (kind of?) but especially seeing friends & family

Hoping you are all still well in your bubbles, Keira 😊

Hope your Jaw is feeling better Keira? Thank you for sharing your hospital experience under Covid-19 ; members who haven't needed to visit hospital in the last few weeks may be feeling nervous, but you have helped show what precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe. The colouring is a great pastime,relaxing and creative!, Thank you for sharing.