Covid -19 Bubbles; Keira - Back to School

Mon May 25th 2020

Hi All

This past week was my first week back to school like many students and it had its ups and downs.

The week as a whole was pretty normal – work was set in similar format to home learning except we were in class, it was called ‘on site’ – this was done because some students are still at home.  The majority of days were good except for PE when on the first lesson back our teacher made us do the beep test!! 

My group came first but I was so sore afterwards – to top it all off I had the wrong shoes on (not sports shoes).  I could hardly walk everything hurt; I managed to get through the next day at school but convinced Mum that I should stay home on Thursday to recover but went back to school on Friday. 

 Fortunately when I was away on the Thursday I missed the 3km run during PE lesson – I was NOT disappointed!!

There are a few changes being made to daily school life – because of Covid 19 & being in Level 2 - to assist with social distancing.  Like desks being in rows & separated plus sanitising our hands when we enter and exit the classroom.  

I think it is going to take a while for things to get back to normal but hopefully we won’t go back into lockdown.  

I have always enjoyed school except for those odds days but for me my mum had to almost force me to go back to school after lockdown. 

 I was used to online learning and enjoyed that lifestyle – I didn’t want to go back to school.  But once I got to school - it was good and I enjoyed seeing my friends.  Although I still miss the freedom of home learning more

Hope everyone has enjoyed either being back at school or having their kids back at school