Covid -19 Bubbles: Coping with Covid-19 Stress and Anxiety

Fri May 29th 2020

Coping with Covid-19 stress and anxiety

 – simple strategies that can improve your wellbeing

For those of you that were not able to join us for the PID patient forum last week – here are some of the great tips to cope

 with Covid-19 lockdown stress and anxiety, gleaned from Psychologist Bianca Holzer; points taken from her very informative presentation.

Recognise some of the COVID stressors

-  Unemployment

-  Juggling working from home with the home schooling of children.

-  Catching COVID and its potential effects on health and existing PIDs.

Remember that a lack of control also leads to stress

-  The greatest amount of stress is experienced with a perception of little or no control over the situation.

-  When things feel out of control, aim to focus instead on things that can be controlled.

Areas we can control to reduce stress and boost wellbeing

-  Sleep

-  Healthy body – healthy mind

-  Social connection and engagement

-  Limit negative information

-  Adjusting of expectations


-  Try to get enough sleep each night

-  Difficulties sleeping may arise during times of stress

-  Create a night-time routine:


-  Routines help to promote sleep AND to take your mind off your worries.

Healthy Body – Exercise

-  Physical activity

-  Promotes wellbeing by increasing endorphins.

-  Reduces stress by shifting the focus from your mind onto your body.

Tip: Attempt 10 minutes of exercise/day – walking, online exercise programmes, dancing…. Whatever suits you best.

Healthy Body – Relaxation

-  Make sure you take time out for yourself everyday

-  Relaxation may include:

-  progressive muscle relaxation...

-  deep breathing...

-   enjoyable relaxing hobby….

Limit information

-  Gather information only from trusted sources for designated time periods.

-  Disconnect and focus on positive events.

Adjust Expectations

-  The expectations placed on ourselves effect how we cope with events.

-  If these are contributing to feelings of stress we need to reduce or adjust these expectations.

-  Be kind to yourself.

-  Allow yourself to have a bad day....

Wrap Up

To cope in these uncertain times with little control it is suggested to:

-  Acknowledge the stress and anxiety experienced

-  Recognise these emotions are normal for a very abnormal situation.

-  Focus on what can be controlled.

-  Work on those areas as a way of reducing stress and anxiety.