Covid -19 Bubbles Amy's Lockdown

Wed June 3rd 2020

Amy is well known to you as  the IDFNZ office administrator.Living with her 3 year old son Connor - their weekly routine of work and day care suddenly changed with the government lockdown.

 For me, entering level 4 was a very surreal feeling. 

As I picked Connor up from Day care on the 23rd of March I was overrun with emotion and fear of the unknown.

 Connor happily said goodbye to all his friends not knowing when we would see them again, and so our lockdown began… I am not a 'homebody' so coming to terms with having to stay at home was a big change for me! 

But we had a lot of fun. Connor has a wonderful imagination, so we spent most of our days down at the Botanic Gardens hunting “Robots”, feeding the ducks and checking up on Connors new pet Caterpillar Johnny. 

We did plenty of baking, drawing, and Connor found a new love for sausage rolls!  

As level 3 was announced the both of us were very excited to return to day care and work. Connor adapted to the level 3 day care rules very fast and as soon as he would hop out of the car each morning he would have his hand out ready for hand sanitizer and then stand as still as he could for his temperature check. 

Now we are in Level 2 everything seems to be getting back into some sort of normality and we were able to reunite with Friends and Family who we hadn’t been able to see during Lockdown and Level 3. When I asked Connor who the first person he wanted to see in Level 2 was he told me Dr Ashley….this kid definitely has big dreams!