World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week 22-29th April 2015

WPIW Awareness week 22- 29 April 2015

The Council of Europe adopts a Resolution on Principles of Immunoglobulin Therapies for PIDs just in time for World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week (WPIW).

The Resolution CM/Res(2015)2 on Principles regarding Immunoglobulin Therapies for Immunodeficiency and Other Diseases, adopted on the 15th of April, outlines key messages such as: the importance of making “available to patients all recognised routes of human normal immunoglobulin administration”, “to take into account that human normal immunoglobulin therapeutic products differ from one another in terms of production processes” and “to adopt a suitable process.

This resolution is an important step forward for patients affected by PID’s in terms or lifting awareness of these rare medical conditions and ensuring the availability of Immunoglobulin / choices in administration routes. It also recognises the essential nature of immunoglobulin therapies and their importance in the treatment of patients living with primary immunodeficiencies

Jose Drabwell, IPOPI President, stated: “We are delighted that with this Resolution the Council of Europe has formally recognised vital recommendations concerning immunoglobulin therapies and their use in different indications including Primary Immunodeficiencies (PIDs)”.

The full press release is here, with further information on the Council of Europe.

The official Resolution can be viewed here

Congratulations to all who have played a roll in this achievment.