Celebrating New Zealand Blood Donors  - World Blood Donor Day

 IDFNZ patient members are reliant on the lifesaving gift of plasma gifted by New Zealand's amazing blood donors; This golden gift is essential to restore immunity,health and quality of life for immunodeficient patients of all ages.

Thank you to Blood and plasma donors across New Zealand for your ongoing gift of life.

Immunodeficient patients are the largest group of patients receiving  donated plasma.

Auckland and Wellington IDFNZ patient members receiving regular Immunoglobulin replacement treatment (SCIG/IVIG)  were invited by New Zealand Blood Service to meet up with long term plasma donors . This was a wonderful opportunity  for our patient members who are depending on this precious gift to share stories and give a personal and  sincere thank you to the heroic blood donors that have regularly and consistently donated blood and plasma. A touching experience for everyone concerned . Photos by Ann Orman. 

 Members were  also able to publicly thank Blood donors in the media and assist NZBS in raising awareness for the need for additional  plasma donors to meet increasing demand for plasma.Thanks to all who participated.


  Harriet Meeting local donors -