Wellington Region PID Group- All welcome!

IDFNZ is keen to see members around New Zealand getting together to build a strong local support network under the umbrella of the IDFNZ national organisation. There is great value in sharing local knowledge and experiences and in getting to know others facing similar challenges.

This is an invitation to join the Wellington support group for PID (Primary Immune Deficiency). The groups purpose is to support patients and their families in any way possible.

These types of groups are often the key to uncovering the hidden strengths in many people with the warmth, acceptance and emotional support that is needed living with a PID. Family and friends provide support but support groups play a vital role when dealing with specific situations.

The members of this support group currently range from mid teens to 50's. We all have different experiences and challenges and  love to help each other deal with challenges that they are all facing.

The Wellington regional group would love to welcome you to our next meeting in 2017. Please contact


Our next meeting is on the 27th February , would love to see you there!!

See our Facebook group for more details!!