Upcoming Event- RARE DISEASE DAY!


***AUCKLAND MEMBERS: please download the form " Auckland event" at this link : http://idfnz.org.nz/resources/rare-disease-day/ for more information on our annual upcoming EVENT on the 28th February 2016!!!!!!!***

It is the month to raise awareness of the rare medical disorders affecting us and to highlight the early warning signs that can save lives of others not yet diagnosed. JOIN US in making the voices of Rare Diseases heard. Help us contribute to this fantastic opportunity to promote Rare Disease Month by joining us in our FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN.

 Our campaign entails "Putting your hands up on Rare Disease Day"!! We want to help YOU to share YOUR special stories VISUALLY- and help others out there who are going through the same thing as you.

We aim to do this through our FACEBOOK PAGE- creating awareness through a visual medium not only builds knowledge, but is a fun and creative way to promote these diseases to help and educate others!


**IT'S EASY!!** All you need to do is follow the steps below!!


 1) LIKE and/or SHARE our FACEBOOK PAGE!!  Link here: https://www.facebook.com/KidsFoundationNZ/posts/963264263711483

The only way we can truly show our support is to really "Put our hands up on Rare Disease Day" and show off a campaign we can be proud of!!

 2) Download the forms provided (there's three of them!) to get an idea:  http://idfnz.org.nz/resources/rare-disease-day/   (The "Auckland event" form applies to you if you are in Auckland, the other two apply to everyone).

3) BE PROUD- use the " Name and Disease form to fill in" form from the link above to fill in the  spaces and take a photo of yourself holding the form! THEN upload to our FACEBOOK page (after " liking" us on Facebook of course!! ) and don't forget to TAG yourselves!!!

If you don't have facebook, no worries!! EMAILS US your photo instead, at info@idfnz.org.nz

 4) GET ARTY- show your support for Rare Disease Day by getting creative- use chalk to create your own masterpiece, simply trace your hand ANYWHERE there is concrete- driveway, school, work- and add

i) your name

ii) where you're from

iii) your disease

Don't forget to include your family and friends as well to make it all the more fun!

Then, take a pic of your masterpiece and upload onto Facebook! Easy!

 ******AND keep in mind there is an awesome prize for the most creative chalk design!!***********