Thank you to our Charitable Trusts

A big thank you to all of the Charitable Trusts that have supported the work of IDFNZ KIDS Foundation over the last year- your support enables us to continue to deliver a comprehensive programme of free events and support services to our member families. Thank you for supporting our work.

Smith and Smith Giving Back

North and South Trust

Pub Charity

Blue Sky Community Trust

First Sovereign

Dragon Foundation

The Southern Trust

COGS Southland

Four Winds


COGS Whangarei

COGS Kahunga Ki Heretuanga

COGS Coastal Otago

COGS Manukau City

COGS Papakura

COGS Waitakere City

COGS Auckland City

Trinity Foundation

Mainland Foundation

Four Winds

The New Zealand Children's Transplant Support Trust

Trillian Trust