TACKERS (Transplant Adventure Camp for Kids) International Camp for Transplant Kids coming up in 2017- Register now!

TACKERS- Transplant Adventure Camp for Kids!

TACKERS - ( http://www.tackers.org/about-tackers/) - brings together children who have had transplants, to participate in adventure camps where they have the opportunity to meet others in the same situation.

 It is an experience of a lifetime!! It gives children (and their families), who have suffered through very challenging times, the opportunity to come together and share experiences and stories, and prove there is life after transplant!

Patient member Tom Brown was lucky enough to attend this year's Tackers Camp in Anzere, Switzerland, and has had "the best week ever", making over 40 new friends from 12 different countries, learning to ski, being challenged and supported to try lots of new things, and generally just having an incredible time! If you'd like help from the Kids Foundation to attend Tackers next year, please get in touch!

Pop over to Resources for the 2017 TACKERS official invite, to learn more about the cool stuff you get to take part in at TACKERS, and other important information!