Shanias fun trip to Queenstown

On Friday, 10th of June, mum and I went to Queenstown. We were part of a group that Cure Kids took on an all expenses paid weekend. There were a lot of people nominated from all over New Zealand but only 10 other families were picked to go. I was nominated by Immune Deficiencies Foundation of New Zealand (IDFNZ) Incorporated. Everyone meet at Christchurch airport so we all arrived in Queenstown at the same time.

Day 1

We arrived in Queenstown at 12.15pm. Josie and Nic (from Cure Kids South Island) met us at the airport. Our bags went to the hotel while we went straight to the skyline gondola. We went luging and had our afternoon tea there. It was so much fun.

After this we went to Minus 5 degrees bar, everything inside was made of ice …. the glass, table and chairs…. amazing. We went back to the Mecure Resort, where we were staying - everyone had time to chill out before the welcome party and dinner. 10pm - lights out.

Day 2

Breakfast started at 6am. Everyone had to be ready and in the hotel foyer by 9am.

The day started off at AJ Hackett Bungy …. this is where bungy jumping began back in 1988. From there we went off to Coronet Peak. We had to change our bus to a 4wd bus to get up the mountain. We played in the snow, had our lunch and were given a gift bag which had a scarf, beanie and gloves etc. From there we went to the Hills Golf Course. This is the golf course that is owned by Michael Hill from Michael Hill Jeweller. We had a ride on the golf carts. Dinner was at Avani Restaurant at 5.30pm. After dinner back at the hotel we had a sing star competition. It was really fun.

Day 3

We had to pack our bags and take them down to the lobby ready to load into the bus. After breakfast we were put into groups to decorate a pancake. Ngaire New Zealand's Master Chef Champion 2010 was our judge. My group decorated our pancake to look like the view outside the window … it was a snowy mountain, lake and green trees …. we didn't win but we had fun! After that we went to the caddy shack city to play mini golf then we went to the Shot over jet - this was serious fun!! Everyone got wet and the best part for me was the spin in the jet. After lunch at MacD's, we went to Arrowtown, we all went to the chocolate shop and had a hot cup of chocolate to drink. It was then time to head to the airport and say our good byes.

Mum and I had an awesome trip to Queenstown. We have never experienced anything like that in our life. We will never forget this trip - it will be one of my best memories. Thank you KIDS Foundation for making it possible.