Precious Gift Saves Lives

PID patients are the largest users of donated blood in New Zealand ; they rely on regular infusions of immunoglobulin to protect them from life threatening infections.Without protection their lives are at risk. Quality of life for PID patients on intravenous or Subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatment is transformed by this precious gift . The value of this gift is appreciated by PID patients and their families - Kayley O'Conner is an Auckland student who has seen first hand the way in which donated plasma has changed her mum's life. She has shared with us an impressive speech she recently made to fellow students to encourage them to become blood donors.Well done Kaylee - your passion is impressive,

thankyou for adding your voice to our campaign to raise awareness for blood donation. 

Kayley O’Connor Y9 Speech – Pinehurst School

Let me ask you a question?

If every time you spent money and that money automatically replaced itself…..would you give it away more easily to people that need it?

Do you know every single person here….children and teachers own something more valuable than money that they could give away, you all have it on you right now…. does anybody know what it is? 

My talk today is about blood donation and the importance of it and I hope to encourage everybody to donate.

I know a lot of you, even the teachers, will cringe at the thought of a needle in your arm….. but imagine for a moment all the needles sick people have to deal with, they don’t get a choice and they are subjected to a lot more.

All you have to do is put up with a small prick for 2 seconds, not much really compared to somebody who is sick, when you stop to think about it.  The reason this topic is so important to me, is that my mum is sick and depends on blood donations to keep her well.  You only really appreciate the importance of this when somebody you love needs it.

I want to share a few facts you may not know about blood donation.

Did you know blood only lasts for 35 days and 29 thousand people are treated with blood products in New Zealand every year.  Unfortunately less than 4% of you are currently rolling up your sleeves and donating.  With up to each donation you can save up to 3 lives.

Imagine this….. Roza you could save 3 lives, Shawn could save three lives, Mrs Schulte you could save three lives just by donating and if you donate again you could save 6 lives!

There are 3 thousand donations needed every week to meet hospital needs.

What if your brother, your sister, your mum or your dad, friends or cousins need their life saved…..wouldn't you want there to be blood for them. Not enough people donate!  My mum’s friends donate and I will when I'm older enough. You need to be 16 and over to donate and over 50kg.

I challenge you to give this website ( to your parents to check if they are eligible to donate and to encourage them to do so, because this directly helps cancer patients, accident victims, liver disease and other medical conditions.  After my mum’s chemo her immune system didn’t work properly so she uses donor antibodies so she can fight infections.

If my mum couldn’t have this treatment she wouldn't be able to do all she does for us because she would be stuck in bed all day unwell. I’m truly grateful that other people have donated because it allows my mum to be a mum to me.

I’m going to donate when I'm older enough……how about you?

Are you a hero…are you going to save a life?

Remember 1 donation saves 3 lives, 2 donations saves 6 lives……. how many lives are you going to save in your lifetime?