PID Family Conference 2014

PID Family Conference 2014

We would like to thank Dr Shannon Brothers and

Dr Anthony Jordan for helping to organise a most enjoyable and successful family conference as part of our New Zealand PI Awareness week programme.

The conference was made possible by an education grant from  CSL Behring, and grants from COGS and the Southern Trust.

Held at Butterfly Creek in Auckland, It was a great opportunity for PID families to meet and network with others facing similar health challenges.

The talks were interesting and informative, covering a variety of relevant topics.  Many thanks to our medical professional speakers who gave up precious time to attend the event and share their expertise – Dr Penny Fitzharris, Dr Brian Broom, Dr Nyree Cole, Dr Khan Preece, Dr Anthony Jordan, Simone Stephens and Raewyn Fisher. Thanks also to our patient speakers for sharing their PID journey – Adriaan Bosch, Laura Hannah and Tineke Grindlay.

Slides of many of the talks are now available below .



Janet Simons, IDFNZ

PID & immune system overview

Dr Kahn Preece

Understanding immune testing

Dr Anthony Jordan

Dealing with medical uncertainty

Dr Brian Broom

SCIG updates

Simone Stephens

CVID update

Dr Penny Fitzharris 

BMT for PIDs

Dr Nyree Cole

BMT for PIDs - BMT registers & tissue typing process

Raewyn Fisher

BMT Experience from a Patient perspective

Tineke Grindlay

SCID new born screening

Dr Kahn Preece

A sense of community

Laura Hannah and

Adriaan Bosch IDFNZ

Question time


Close of Talks

Vicki Tattley

Chairman IDFNZ

“Crocktails” and Butterflies – social hour