PID Awareness Week 22-29 April

22-29th April is marked internationally as PID Awareness Week

 IDFNZ joins with Patient groups across the globe promoting awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) and the challenges faced by patients living with these disorders.

In New Zealand we are privileged to have world class treatment available for Primary Immunodeficiency once diagnosed. However, the main problem which we encounter is lack of awareness and  PID not being considered by by GP's, this delaying diagnosis for may New Zealanders. IDFNZ developed the seven warning signs as a tool to help  assist in early diagnosis and intervention. 

 All too often individuals struggle with repeated ill health and multiple infections before medical professionals reach an understanding that there is an underlying health condition responsible. The warning signs act as a reminder to look beyond the obvious symptoms as well as to be aware of what certain unusual symptoms may be indicating. Early diagnosis is critical for affected patients - enabling better outcomes and appropriate healthcare..

Leading up to PI week IDFNZ will be distributing the 7 warning signs posters and other PID information to GP surgeries across New Zealand  reminding them of the 7 warning signs and also promoting new PID e-Training available for GPs developed by ASCIA (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Limited) to help GPs refresh and update their knowledge of Primary immune deficiency disorders.Early diagnosis is key.

We are also running a facebook campaign featuring the 7 warning signs and sharing PID  patient stories on social media - join us to add your voice promoting PID awareness