PI WEEK 2020

PI Week 2020

Changing the lives of Kiwis living with undiagnosed Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) Disorders.

There are now 430 recognised types of PID; although considered “rare” in the population, they can be life threatening and cause chronic ill health for those affected. 

Thousands of Kiwis living with ill health have an undiagnosed immune disorder responsible for their susceptibility to infections.

Much progress has been made in treating these medical conditions and yet still we have individuals struggling with serious health issues and yet PID may not have been considered as the underlying cause. This is concerning as these patients are therefore not being referred to the specialist immunology services available here in New Zealand and are missing out on optimum treatment and health care.

IDFNZ continues to promote the important 7 warning signs of PID to the general public and to primary health professionals across New Zealand. We have now translated these warning signs into 5 languages to reflect the changing population and are promoting these warning signs to health professionals across New Zealand.

Help us to spread this important message during PI Week – print off or email pdf versions of these posters (from our website) to your health centre, school, or community noticeboard to help alert your local community. Printed copies can also be ordered from the IDFNZ office for free.

   Help IDFNZ to change lives for the better.