'Pi Awareness' edition Newsletter

Our "PI Awareness" edition newsletter has been published with some informative stories as well as dates for your diary with upcoming events and fundraisers being hosted by IDFNZ.

Of particular interest in the newsletter is the article  by Dr Annaliesse Blincoe on latest PI information. Dr Annaliesse is the recipient of an IDFNZ CME grant towards her studies in immunology overseas. She is currently engaged as a Paediatric Immunology Fellow at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte- Justine in association with the Universite de Montreal in Montreal, Canada for a two year period. In her article she gives insight into the latest PI information as well as specifics on particular conditions, as well as management of autoimmune diseases, all from a doctor perspective.

Also in our newsletter is our stories shared by our people, both PID and Beware Yellow members of IDFNZ and Kids Foundation.

The leading article in the newsletter highlights what it is like to live with PID, and how being diagnosed with PID can be a relief, but it can also bring up some questions and struggles in terms of knowing what the "next step" is, and how to deal with your illness and the effect is has on your life.

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