Luke Cherry – Brave, Kind and Thoughtful

It was very touching to be presented with a special gift for IDFNZ KIDS Foundation at the Christchurch Christmas event from 11-year Luke Cherry.

Luke had been wanting to do something for the KIDS Foundation for quite some time. When he found out Ashgrove School was having a Xmas Grotto and Gala on Friday 29th November and that stalls were available to year 7&8 students he wanted to use this opportunity. 

With his parent’s approval Luke decided to do a bake sale. Luke asked family friends if they could donate baking. He told the friends they were excellent bakers and he loved eating their food. Luke was very excited. He even asked two teacher aides to do some baking for him and a close neighbour.

On the Friday of the Gala Luke was a little nervous as he'd never done anything like this before. His friend Grace, him and Bella (his sister) set up the stall, displayed their signage and started selling their baking. They started around 3:30pm and finished around 7:30pm. Even though there were a lot of stalls with baking around him he persevered. He was enthusiastic and persistent. Visitors were very impressed with his positive attitude. 

Luke raised an impressive $207.  Luke was very proud to hand this money over to Janet at the KIDS Foundation Xmas celebration. Well done Luke! You make your family very proud. Your thoughtfulness and determination to achieve your goal of raising money for medically fragile children is truly commendable.