Going the Extra Mile for Kids Foundation

Karyn Sanson is one of the amazing medical professionals working with Kids Foundation transplant patients at Starship Hospital in Auckland (and around New Zealand). She helps vulnerable patients and families dealing with life threatening medical conditions and liver/bowel/intestinal transplant. Karyn always goes the extra mile to help these brave children and parents.

Karyn's other passion is running - so it is perhaps not surprising that when she  entered the 2015 San Francisco Half Marathon, she decided to raise funds for Kids Foundation. 

Travelling half way around the world to support the children and families she works with makes Karyn a very special person indeed. She has set herself two goals:

1. Achieving a personal target of completing the half marathon on 2 hours and 40 minutes.

2. Raising $1000 for IDFNZ/Kids Foundation.

Please help cheer Karyn on to achieve her goals - she needs words of encouragement for the months of training ahead of her!

Visit givealittle.co.nz/cause/goingtheextramile to view Karyn's progress, leave a message or make a small donation towards her fundraising goal.

To make it interesting and fun - post a message with your guess of her final finish time - the closest guess will win  Kids Foundation Tshirt.