Giving back on Beware Yellow Day

After everything she’s been through, Lilly Thoresen wanted to give back to those that had helped her through some of the hardest times in her life. She wanted to make sure that her school knew that there were others out there who needed support as they struggle through illness and liver transplants. She decided to organise a Beware Yellow Day at her school to raise awareness and money for IDFNZ Kids Foundation. She succeeded.

Raising $630 dollars, Riverdale School has generously given their time to make sure their students and the families that are a part of the school know more about what we do here at Kids Foundation. Lilly and her mum wanted to start this annual tradition to help give back to the Foundation as a thank you, and to enable us to continue to support our members.

Lilly encouraged her school to put on a mufti day where everyone came dressed in yellow and gave a gold coin donation. The entire school got into the spirit of the day having fun and enjoying themselves.

Amazingly, Lilly and her mum have even volunteered their time to help two other schools organise Beware Yellow Days for the next school year, and hope they too will become an annual occurrence.

Well done Lilly, her family, and Riverdale School. Your efforts are much appreciated and the Foundation is very grateful for all the effort you put into supporting us.