ASCIA (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy Limited) is the leading association for allergy and clinical immunology in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1990, they have taken up the responsibility of training and informing doctors and other medical professionals about allergies and immunology diagnosis and treatment. As such they are now offering a new E-Training course to help health professionals renew and refresh their knowledge on Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders.
Released in February 2016, the new PID (Primary Immunodeficiency) e-training enables health professionals such as general practitioners, practise nurses and paediatricians to easily access specific e-training modules to refresh and update their knowledge of Primary Immune Deficiency Disorders. As well as a general update, there are specific modules covering the main disorders, typical case studies and treatment plans which all help these medical professionals to better diagnose and treat allergies and immunology disorders. ASCIA have also included the 7 warning signs material developed by IDFNZ so that when patients present these to doctors and ask if the seven warning signs apply to them, the doctor will recognise the IDFNZ information and can easily access the necessary specialist medical information underlying the simplified public awareness message. This means that not only will a patient be able to recognise the signs of immunodeficiency, their doctor will also easily be able to find more information on the disorder and in doing so be able to find the right treatment for that patient quickly and easily.
As a patient diagnosed with a specific PID condition, we encourage members to pass on information about this new e-training to your GP and practise nurse. Primary Immune deficiency disorders are rare diseases that medical professionals may not come across very frequently. 
The ASCIA training includes specific modules which will allow the GP to familiarise themselves with latest information on diagnosis and treatment  at their convenience. ionals/hp-information/immune-diseases