AGM 2020 Sept 26

                                       Annual General Meeting of Members

                                Location: Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manurewa.

                                           Date: 26th September 2020

                                                     Time: 3 pm   

This is our second notice advertising the 2020 AGM .

All IDFNZ and KIDS Foundation members are welcome to attend.

There are 2 nominated candidates standing for  2 vacant Board positions - if you cannot attend the meeting members are able to complete a proxy voting form which must be submitted to the IDFNZ office or Secretary by 25th September. ahead of the meeting. Apologies may also be submitted this way.See below for more details.


1.  Previous Minutes

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2.2 Treasurer Report

2.3 Auditors Report

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3.  General Business

3.1 Board Elections

3.2 Date of 2021 AGM

3.3 Appointment of Auditor

  *All members are welcome to attend . Any member unable to attend - can cast a proxy vote; please email the Secretary via  to give apologies and request candidate forms and proxy voting forms.

Candidates Standing for election this year are:

1.Laura Hannah: Tēnā koutou, I’m Laura Hannah, the only South Island member on the IDFNZ Board.  It has been my privilege to serve the Board, not only at the governance level, but especially in meeting and supporting our wonderful patient members and their whanau.

I joined IDFNZ as a PID patient, only to discover some years later that one of our children has the same PID.  Our family are now awaiting tests to see if one of our grandsons also has a PID.  The long wait for a diagnosis is one of the many things that bonds the IDFNZ family together.

My first Family Conference was life-altering and affirming.  Amazingly, I found people who understood - who “spoke” the same language, who needed no explanations.  If we can offer that to each of our members, it is a rare gift.My working background was in commercial sales and I have a BA.  Over the past 30 years I’ve held a variety of volunteer roles; currently I assist in resettling refugees and as purchasing librarian for my local church library.

Strategically, I try to see the big picture first, and identify key issues.  I bring to the Board my years of experience with different not-for-profits.  Most importantly, compassion, empathy and desire for social justice guide my desire to help the vulnerable among us.  IDFNZ has been a lifeline for me; serving on the Board is my chance to extend that lifeline to others.  Hei konā rā.

2.Vicki Tattley: My involvement with IDFNZ began in 1998 and I have been on the Board for the last 21 years, during which time I have held the role of Chairperson, and currently fill the position of Secretary. I have represented the board at both ASCIA and IPOPI and brought from these events information and networks, along with promoting our services and learning about other NMO’s. 

Whilst involved with IDFNZ I have worked and networked to create fundraising opportunities including the Fireworks fundraiser.  Through the generosity of a family friend IDFNZ has also received pro bono legal services in various areas.  I keenly support all fundraising initiatives and am always looking to raise awareness of our organization and the services we provide. 

I am married with three adult children.  My children suffered immune deficiency from a young age and although currently maintain good health, I am well aware of the impact PID conditions have on our families.  My daughter also suffered a heart defect, so we have dealt with numerous health challenges over the years. 

My work experience has involved administrative roles and since completion of my legal executive diploma I have been employed as a Registered Legal Executive.

What do I bring to the board – commitment, experience, people skills, the desire for the best for IDFNZ.  I have a full understanding of the legal obligations and responsibilities entailed of being on a Board.   I would be proud to be re-elected and if successful will continue to work to achieve the goals of the organisation.